eBay Shop & Independent E-Selling Agent.

Alby Auctions act as your Agent marketing your previously owned items on one of the UK’s leading Internet

Auction sites.

Alby Auctions

Alby Auctions,

Downtide Centre, Cromer Road, Alby, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 7QE.  

Telephone:  01263 768588

01263 768588

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Sell your unwanted goods and let us turn them into cash for you.

Just bring your goods to us at the Downtide Centre on the main A140 between Norwich and Cromer and pay just £3.00 per item!!!

We will take photos of your goods, list the item on eBay, answer all the customer questions.

We then take the payment, pack and post your goods and you will receive 70% of the total. Less the eBay and PayPal charges.

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